Kebab Play paints undesirable picture of migration

As many people from Africa continues to struggle and do almost everything they can to get in the West, a play by group ‘Lampyre’ from Burundi paints another picture of life in diaspora.

Staged in Kigali recently, the piece titled ‘Kebab’ reminds the audience that migrants living in developed world are not in paradise and hustle to survive in host countries.

Three young Burundians meet in Ireland and lead a hustling life; Laura Sheila Inangoma whose stage name is Maddie, a young girl went to Ireland in search of a better life.

She hopes to find her boyfriend who gives her gifts and promise to pay for her fake passport.

Christian Elvis Sinzinkayo, acts as Mucyo Nzeyimana, a student who got a scholarship to study visual arts, he seduces Maddie and eventually make her pregnant.

Maddie who is an illegal migrant with fake passport hopes Mucyo will help her, but she learned that his boyfriend is unemployed.She lands a job in a kebab restaurant but ends up becoming a prostitute because she is paid little money.

A scene in a night club:the audience was movedThe play’s title derives from the Kebab restaurant; it was written by Romanian director Gianina Carbunariu and adapted by the Burundian troupe,

The piece is a true reflection of an aspect of life in Diaspora that is not often shown to Africans who risk their life to go to western world.

The original piece tells the story of refugees in Europe who struggle make their ends meet.

Three actors, two young men and a lady plunge the audience in the hustle life of immigrants who seek green pastures.

It was staged in Kigali at a hall that often host plays, a rare opportunity for many as the theatre in Rwanda is not developed in comparison to neighboring countries.

The stage setting was good with a sofa used in the large part of the show and some parts were screened, a creative production using multimedia.

The play is in French, but one scene was in English, the theatre could appeal to the young audience in Africa.

According to the group ‘Lampyre’ ,it was staged in The Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi where the group come from.

The piece is timely as many Africans continue to spend their money on desperate journeys to Europe, but when they reach sometimes the reality is different.

Freddy Sabimbona, an actor and scene- setter said, there was no specific message they wanted to give, but the play can push people to reflect on reasons why many leave their motherlands in Africa.

“Why do people leave their country?” that is one question the piece can spark according to Sibomana.

Touching on African cultural diversity in Europe with people from different parts of the continent actors even talk about eating ’Nyamachoma’ as part of their  out life.

Three young actors did a good job, in creative way that moved the audience, a result of an excellent production.

For instance a scene in a night club was fascinating as a live club was staged using the light reflected on a small curtain while people are dancing.

 Coutesy of KARIBU