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Komik im Theater in Burundi und Deutschland – gefördert im Fonds TURN

Seit Jahren befindet sich das ostafrikanische Burundi in einer politischen Krise, die sich in Menschenrechtsverstößen, Machtwillkür und heftigen Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Gegnern und Befürwortern des Regimes äußert. Wie gehen Menschen im Alltag mit der Unberechenbarkeit und Instabilität der gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse um? Welche Rolle spielt Komik in diesem

Kebab Play paints undesirable picture of migration

As many people from Africa continues to struggle and do almost everything they can to get in the West, a play by group ‘Lampyre’ from Burundi paints another picture of life in diaspora.

Staged in Kigali recently, the piece titled ‘Kebab’ reminds the audience that migrants living in developed world are not in paradise and hustle to survive in host countries.

Three young Burundians meet in Ireland and lead a hustling life; Laura Sheila Inangoma whose stage name is

Kebab, a play about realities of life in exile staged in Kigali!


Kebab, a play that depicts the sad realities of life in exile, was staged last Friday at the Centre St Paul by the Burundian group Lampyre on invitation of the Institut Français du Rwanda.

Kebab is a story that reflects so many aspects of the challenges faced by young people in Burundi and generally in Africa seeking a better life outside of the continent.

The three credible characters play as young people that left their country (Burundi) for Europe where they expect to realise