Kebab, a play about realities of life in exile staged in Kigali!


Kebab, a play that depicts the sad realities of life in exile, was staged last Friday at the Centre St Paul by the Burundian group Lampyre on invitation of the Institut Français du Rwanda.

Kebab is a story that reflects so many aspects of the challenges faced by young people in Burundi and generally in Africa seeking a better life outside of the continent.

The three credible characters play as young people that left their country (Burundi) for Europe where they expect to realise their dreams: Muco (Christian Elvis Sinzinkayo) is a young man going to pursue a Masters in Audiovisual Sciences while Maddie (Laure Sheilla Inangoma), an aspiring superstar, is joining her long time boyfriend Ncuti (Freddy Sabimbona) to live a fabulous life.

Tragedy and humour both arise at different parts of the play as circumstances change to become worse and deceiving. One of the biggest crises revolves around Maddie being taken into prostitution by her own boyfriend Ncuti to get a better pay than what she earns at the Kebab restaurant where she has been working since her arrival.

In this new occupation, Maddie meets the hopeless Muco striving to become a reputed film producer who proposes to the young girl to produce a “special documentary” about her which in fact is a porn movie. From here, the trio starts a collaboration to produce the movie which results in Maddie getting pregnant and being killed by her two compatriots to resolve the situation.

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